The Adventure Begins ...

With a welcome dinner at the

Rommai Rimping Restaurant

on the Ping River

where you are greeted by the

beauty and hospitality of

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Walking Tour of Chiang Mai

After a good nights rest we hit the ground running ... or should I say a leisurely walk through Chiang Mai where I give you a brief breakdown of what to expect throughout our stay in Chiang Mai, how to make your stay safe and enjoyable,  and where I can answer any questions you may have.  We then explore the ancient city of Chiang Mai.  It is a great time to get to know the culture as well as our fellow travel companions.

Experience a Thai Massage at TTCM

I take you to TTCM - Center of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine where you get to experience firsthand a traditional Thai Massage.  Don't let their size fool you!

Cultural Center Dinner and Show

Here is where the original Khantoke Dinner and Show started.  It began in order to introduce Old Northern, Lanna culture.  Feast on Northern Thai cuisine, as you are entertained with traditional music and dance of the Lanna culture.

Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand

Step back into time as you walk among the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand.  There are a total of nine tribes that are spread throughout the North and West of Thailand.  We get to visit one of the biggest of these tribes which is the Karen Longneck Tribe.

Doi Suthep Temple

Visiting the Doi Suthep Temple is truly amazing.  There is an aura of peace and healing that energizes your soul.

Gardens of the Royal Park Rafapruek

We are excited to add to our 2018 itinerary the Royal Gardens.  We look forward to sharing with you our experience.

Orchid Farm

Your sense of sight and smell come to life as you enter the Orchid Farm with the array of bright colors and flowery scents.  Afterward, we put our sense of taste to work as we indulge in a bountiful Thai Buffet.  

Hot Springs

Your feet will love you if you take the time to soak them in the hot water from the springs followed by an amazing foot massage.  Other popular activities at the Hot Springs is boiling your own eggs in the hot water, taking a dip in the hot springs pool, or having a relaxing picnic.

Jade Factory

This tour is more of an educational experience.  First, they start us off with a video that shows jade from around the world and the process of turning jade into jewelry.  Then they take us on a tour through the factory where we get to see Thai artisans at work making jade jewelry or carvings.  There is a small museum that showcases jade from around the world.  Finally, we have the chance to purchase jade for ourselves or as gifts.

Loy Krathong Festival and Dinner

The highlight of our November Thailand Trip is the Loy Krathong Festival of Lights.  Before the festivities begin, we make our own Krathong, which are floating flower structures with candles.  On the first night of Loy Krathong, we have dinner at Rommai Rimping Restaurant on the Ping River while enjoying the festivities.  Afterward, we head down to the river to release our Krathongs.  We also purchase our own rice lantern to be released into the night sky. There is also fireworks and a parade.  All these activities are done within a 2-day span.

Sunday Market and Night Bazaar

We end our Thailand adventure with a final trip to the Sunday Market and the Night Bazaar where you can shop your heart out!

Accommodation at the Royal Peninsula Hotel Chiang Mai

The hotel accommodations at the Royal Peninsula is comfortable and spacious.  Breakfast is also included.

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